Friday, April 27, 2012

Some days, white folks make me tired.

I've given this some thought...say for the last five minutes or so.

See, there's this guy I work with. And we've maintained a decent working relationship in the short amount of time I've been here.

But today, he's playing Rush Limbaugh at top volume in an area we both have to work in.

And honestly....I can't think why such a nice guy is listening to such a racist blowhard.

And since he can see I'm honestly upset, he turns the radio down, so it's a whisper only he can hear if I'm not in the room and it's only audible when I have to walk through.

And then I remember. White people think that turning down the volume on racism is enough.

As long as she can't hear it....

They don't mind poisoning their own minds and hearts though.

If I asked, him, I'm sure he'd say, "I have the right to listen to it."

And he does although he doesn't have the right to subject me to it. And I could complain.

But I'm going to handle this my way.

And eventually he's gonna be dumb enough to apologize - or ask me why I'm offended - or he may even go so far as to tell me why I shouldn't be offended.

But what he won't do...not of his own volition... change the fucking station.

Some days, white folks make me tired.

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