Monday, May 14, 2012

Cheater: David Justin - Rainbow Warriors Group Cheats College Students

It's one thing for people to treat me badly. I do not tolerate people treating the people I love badly.

I especially despise rude people, liars and cheaters.

David Justin is all three.

My daughter goes to Ball State University and decided to move off campus for her junior year. She later changed her mind and contacted the landlord.

The landlord, David Justin, told her that all she needed to do was find someone to take her place and he would refund her deposit of $315.

She found someone else to rent the apartment and the replacement paid, to the landlord, the deposit in full.

My daughter later received a check for $200 from the landlord saying he took out the rest for "expenses and gas money."

Needless to say I am ANGRY!

I could, and maybe I should let my daughter chalk it up to a $115 dollar lesson learned. And I would - but she has gone out of her way to be an adult about this. She has refused my help and only when she got the check minus the extra money and with a lot of nagging on my part did she agree to let me do this my way.

I'm going to give him every opportunity to return the money for one week before I drag him into small claims court and put up flyers all over Muncie, Indiana including every property of his I can find, explaining why no one should rent from this lying, cheating scumbag.

If you feel like it, give him a call and ask him why he feels it's ok to cheat a young college student out of her hard-earned money.

David Justin
Rainbow Warriors INV Group LLC
1327 Laurel Oak Dr.
Avon, IN 436123

Home: 317-272-0327
Cell: 317 - 640 - 1627

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Rainbow Warrior's Investment Group LLC Avon Indiana


  1. You're an idiot. She's lucky she got anything back. That's what a lease contract and deposit are for, to keep people from walking away and costing landlord time and expense.

  2. Did your lovely daughter pay all of her rent due ? Did she pay all of her utility bill responsibilities ? Were any damages made to the property ? Did your landlord incur any expenses re-letting your daughters position on the lease ? Your landlord probably should not have given your daughter one red cent ! GET REAL your daughter created this mess not her landlord.

  3. You are so off base! My son attended BSU for 3 years and rented from David all 3 years. David Justin's integrity is impeccable. He's honest, responsive and provides great rental houses for students. It's ridiculous that students sign leases and then want to skirt their responsibilities but still expect 100% of their deposit back. Read the lease!!!!

    1. He is anything but honest and respectful. He has absolutely no integrity. I personally rented from him and know 11 different people that rented from him and they have had the EXACT same issues with him that I have had. He is an ASS HOLE beyond belief. He called me an idiot, and I have a master degree in business and a master degree in education. I am very well educated, and he repeatedly used fowl language with me and called me names while yelling at me on the phone. No matter the instance a landlord or business owner should NEVER talk like that.

  4. Wow. Three anonymous comments in the same day. I think I must have struck a nerve. I suggest, David, that you go back, read what I actually wrote and be glad that we didn't take you to small claims court, mainly because my daughter chalked it up to a $300+ life lesson, not because of any wrong she did.

    What David did was not legal, even according to the terms of the lease. It was fueled by his own greed and ability to advantage of a poor college student.

  5. I lived in a house for 1 year that I rented from David Justin. IF YOU ARE A STUDENT DO NOT RENT FROM DAVID JUSTIN. not only did this man call myself and my roommates incompetent, he allowed us to move into a dirty house. it was trashed and smelled like dog urine. When he came over the first day I asked him about all of this and asked why the house had not been cleaned and he said "this is normal wear and tear that is in all of my student houses." The fact that he said that is very disgusting. Throughout the year we had many problems that he refused to fix and told us we had to pay for them to be fixed. They were amenities in he house, dish washer, freezer, and dryer. They didn't work all year when we were promised these working items per our lease. I talked to several neighbors who also reacted from David Justin and they all had the same stories as me. He would send BS bills to us and he would state if we didn't pay them we would be evicted do we were forced to pay bills that were not correct. We have an open case with him currently for owning us more than 2000 dollars that he took from us in bills and unreturned security deposit. My lawyer has proof (pictures and videos) of the condition of the house when we got vs the amazing condition we left it in. He is a disgusting person and a slum lord. I read this blog review before renting from him and thought it couldn't be too bad but it was worse than I could have ever imagined.


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