Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Accidentally on Purpose

Just a couple of quick comments on the "Accidental Racist" song since I know you're just dying to know what I think about this whole fiasco.

1. The song is complete and utter racist bullshit.
LL Cool J says the song is about forgiveness. I didn't know that I needed to be forgiven by white people for their fucked up racism, but, uh, ok.

2. The song is complete and utter racist bullshit - I don't care if Harriet Tubman herself comes back from the grave and starts rapping along with LL. It's some racist bullshit. And I don't give a shit what this article says, Brad Paisley is a racist.

If you really want to know why it's racist bullshit, I suggest you start reading because I'm not going to explain it to you.

There's a new category of links over to in my sidebar called "Saving My Sanity Against Racism". You should read them all.

I read these sites everyday because sometimes, the only thing standing between me going to jail for assault and being cool like Fonzie and just saying, Heeeyyyyy, and taking the peaceful road like my man Jules Winfield from Englewood and walking the Earth like Cain from Kung Fu is these websites. Yes, I'm saying it. The only thing that keeps me from pimp slapping the shit out of some white people sometimes is remembering what I read on Abagond and Field Negro. White people can really piss me off sometimes. They can hurt my feelings. They can completely dehumanize me. And these are my friends. Strangers....good Lord, you just don't want to know. If you're white, I know that sounds angry to you. I wish I really cared.

Again, I'm not going to explain to you why the song is racist. But once you read all the links on the "Saving My Sanity Against Racism" list you might just get it.  If you're too busy for that and just want a crash course in Racism 101, you can read, THIS and THIS.

Go ahead, I'll wait...

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  1. Hey, Deb - long time no see! Awesome hit the nail on the head! I quit giving a fuck what whites think or say about me a long time ago. I guess that's why I'm unemployed now, LMAO
    I will say, though, that it was the best thing that happened to me...I've had time to travel and live life, and my blood pressure has gone down - it's no longer borderline-high!
    See you around the interwebs...


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