Sunday, April 28, 2013

All Aboard the Redline Express

I think with every new post I write about politics, I think I'm going to start a list of talking points words. Words that the media presses so hard to let us know that they are on message. They repeat them to the point that every day people start using them and some thoughts become defacto instead of suspect.

The words for this week boys and girls:


When you hear these words repeated, over and over again, across every network, there is a rich white guy somewhere who is rubbing his wallet. His various media teams and think tanks are high-fiving themselves at getting the word out and co-opting yet a few more terms for the Doublespeak cause. The Pentagon looks the sequester and budget cuts and laughs. They'll be rolling in cash again any day now. It's just a matter of time.

When you hear these words, you should realize that the American Propaganda machine is in full effect and immediately switch to MeTV where you can watch the full swing of American propoganda in it's heyday. When it was ok to hate Indians and Mormons (I had no idea how much Mormons were hated back in the day until I saw a western show the other day. No wonder Romney lost) and black people were almost barely tolerable.

So our usual cheerleaders for war are cheerleading for war. Syria crossed the line we drew in sand and by jingo, we're Americans. We don't take that crap. You can't cross the lines we draw, knock the block off our shoulder and blow up little white kids in one of the most racist cities in America and expect us to take it! No sirree!

This. Means. War.

We have to blow up children over there so they don't blow them up over here.
The only choice we have is to blow up people. There is no other way.

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