Thursday, October 17, 2013

Caring for America is Weakness

The Republican Party has proved one thing: they do not care about the American people except as talking points and pawns to maintain their own power.

John Boehner has proven to be the most surprising person in all of this. He may not care one whit about poor people, but he has the typical sociopath's caring of his America. He cares about what he feels is right about his America. And in John Boehner's America, America keeps her promises and pays her bills. You don't promise to do a thing and then not do it.

It's interesting to watch and it gives me a grudging and tenuous feeling of gratitude (I can't call it respect) for John Boehner. In a world where his fellow party members seem only to stand for something, he is standing up for the one principle he believes in.

Then there's second term President Barack Obama who, unlike first term President Barack Obama, isn't really taking anything off anybody, especially not the Party of No Republicans who have obstructed any and everything he's tried to accomplish from cabinet and judicial appointments to everything Candidate Barack Obama ran on: sun-setting the Patriot Act, Closing Guantanamo and the other secret prisons and yes, healthcare.

It's the one campaign promise he intends to keep. Like John Boehner, Barack Obama believes in keeping promises. You don't promise and thing and then not do it without a darned good reason and giving it everything you got.

But to every other Republican and far too many Democrats, actually caring about America, the promises we make and the people who reside here and are affected the world over by American policies - to care is weakness.

To not engage in mere political theater and protect your own interest is downright stupid.  To actually try to keep a campaign promise, uphold your principles or do something that works for the American people is something that only happens by accident or as a result of some cosmic screw up that results in a politician trying to scrape egg off their face.

If this sounds bitter and cynical it's because I am bitter and cynical. President Obama was right - they have lost the trust of the American people - and it's going to take more than another ridiculously partisan show of genitals and poop throwing before we believe that you have our best interest at heart.

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