Friday, April 11, 2014

Microagression Log Entry 15623

"Can I help you?" - racist question number 1. It doesn't mean, "Can I help you?" It means, "You're black and I don't think you belong here. Can I put you in your place or do I need to call security or the police."

"Acutally I'm looking for Amy with..."

Racist interruption, assumption and racist question #2 - "Is she with Pierre Foods?"

REALLY? Did this bitch just go there. Am I dressed like a warehouse worker? I have on very nice office attire, a leather coat and and a briefcase and she thinks I'm headed to the warehouse?

I look her dead in the eye and say, "Actually, no, I'm looking for "XXX Company."

"Oh, I think they're on the top floor."

Yes, I know. I never asked for your help. You just seemed so insistent on making sure the one black person that accidentally got close enough to you for you ask a question of wasn't "in the wrong place" or "lost" that you just had to direct them back to the warehouse where you felt they belonged.

*sigh* Please don't tell me she was trying to be helpful.

I'm sure she thinks was.

She wasn't. It's been four days since this happened and it still rankles a bit.

One day I  may have forgotten about this micro-aggression.

Until the next time it happens.

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  1. Yep these microaggressions happen to me too like when a White man/woman will look at me and purse their lips. Its the "I'm sorry your Black look"


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