Friday, November 10, 2006

Howard Dean is Dead Wrong

Howard Dean stated to Jon Stewart that the Dems won't be seeking George Bush's impeachment.

My response: Why the hell not? What the heck else did we vote for all those Dems for if not to get rid of King George?

The Dems swept the election. Immediatey after Rumsfeld finally got fired (quite my a... eye). Tony Blair is being ousted. Sadaam and his trial-mates are going to hang. As far as I'm concerned, Bush Jr., Bush Sr., Cheney, Rumsfeld, and Karl Rove should be right in line with Sadaam and Co. (Over 2000 Dead American Soldies and Over 100,000 Iraquis dead) but since they will never be tried, let alone condemned for their war crimes, I would settle for a nice healthy impeachment and a boot out of office to live in infamy if not prision for the remainder of their days.

The Bush Administration does not deserve another two seconds in office let alone another two years. If Howard Dean as DNC Chairman does not understand this simple fact, hopefully Senator Harry Reid and Representative Nancy Pelosi do.

The Dems need to not only find out what the voters want but they need to actually carry out the will of the people.

Our priorities should be ending the war and bringing the troops home. We should be about helping the middle class out of the slide to assured poverty. However somewhere in all of that, part of the order of business should be ousting Bush and anyone left who supports his hideously wrong agenda.

This guy at Huffington Post disagrees with me about impeachment and makes a some great points doing so. His arguments notwithsanding, impeachment should not be set aside as an option.

Update 12/17/2006: OK. He's wrong about impeachment, right about everything else. I have to give the man props for his 50 state strategy.

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