Thursday, December 27, 2007

Another Soldier Gone

Benazir Bhutto
Former Prime Minister

I don't claim to know the ins and outs of globabl or even domestic politics. But I follow along and one story that has interested me of late is the struggle for Pakistan's fomer prime minister, a woman named Benazir Bhutto to merely stay alive, let alone be an advocate for right's for women and Democracy for all her people.

So I go to Yahoo today to check my email and you cannot imagine my shock, anger and sadness at coming across the two-word headline "Bhutto assassinated". At first I did not understand and then my brain began to comprehend and all I angrily could say was, "F*ck!" I slammed my hands down on my desk in anger, frustration and the general futility of my even caring.

And then the tears began.

It pisses me off that the lives of women are so damn cheap on this planet. And when a bit of our cream floats to the top, the women that rise above the mundane and become advocates, not just for their own people, but symbols of what other women can be, attain and rise to - and how quickly their light can be snuffed out in the game of power and money that is world of disgusts me, sickens me and it makes me fearfuly, yet more determined to never be cowed by any man, especially the men who try to preserve their own power by bullying the rest of us.

It angers me that this woman's career will be overshadowed by accusations of monetary corruption with evidence that has probably been feigned by her enemies. It angers me that what she fought for, equal treatment for women and a democratic government - is something that ANYONE in this day and age still must fight for.

Yet, we must fight. Yes, even here, in the land of so-called liberty, there are far too many who would see the light of liberty snuffed out. Unfortunately, it seems the only oil that will satisfy the Liberty Lamp is the blood of those who would not see it darkened.


  1. To paraphrase Hillary; they didn't assassinate her because she was a woman, they assassinated her because she was ahead.

    Not that it should offer you any solace, but Al Quaeda is an equal opportunity destroyer.

  2. Al Quaeda more than likely didn't have shit to do with Benazir's assassination.

    For the love of Mike, stop watching mainstream news. Next you'll be telling me that a sniper didn't kill her, she cracked her head on the limousine sunroof.

    Musharaff had her killed. Period.


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