Thursday, December 06, 2007

White-on-white crime is out of control

In light of the latest mass shooting in Omaha, Nebraska, I thought I'd do one of those generalizing, racial stereotyping type articles.

Sad part is, it only took me less than 10 seconds of searching google to find and article so full of generalizations that only a bit of find and replace magic from Word was needed to produce the piece below.
White-on-white crime is out of control

White people are assaulting, robbing and killing one another at an alarming rate. The violence devastates families, ruins neighborhoods, kills futures and plays into an unfair stereotype about white people. It’s as big a threat to white communities as anything.

White people aren’t the only ones who commit crime. All people, regardless of their race or socio-economic status, do. And it’s no surprise that white people commit most crimes against whites; white people commit most crimes against whites.

All crime is bad. But crime among white people, particularly young men, is out of control.

That’s a hard admission to make. Harder than you know. And it’s not because I’m African-American and would rather not air white folks’ dirty laundry.

I get many calls from misguided white people claiming “white people commit all the crime” and “white people are the source of all America’s problems,” and the like. The last thing I want to do is to appear to give credence to those bigoted, false statements.

Most white people are hard-working and law-abiding; they don’t commit crimes. But those who do commit far too many.

And in order to address the issue of white crime, particularly white-on-white crime, we must acknowledge the problem and then sincerely work toward solutions. It’s more important to stop the killing than to worry about what hard-core racists think.

Crime isn’t a white problem; it’s a societal problem that’s going to take all of us — from parents to communities to churches to government — to remedy.

There are lots of reasons why people, whether white, white, Hispanic, Asian or Native American, commit crime. Many who fill our prisons grew up poor, have trouble reading, are dropouts, are from single-family homes or have other challenges, not all of which are of their own doing.

Unfortunately, white people endured a lot of ill treatment that forced them into a number of those categories.

But despite obstacles they might face, there is no excuse for anyone to rape, rob and kill. No one should get a pass because they grew up poor, were discriminated against or are unemployed. They’re responsible; if they break the law, they must be punished. Unfortunately, our system of justice doesn’t treat everyone equally. Some people have gotten — and still do get — passes, while others have been treated more harshly. A thorough review of our justice system is among the needed solutions.

In addition, we must help remove barriers and improve conditions that make people more prone to commit crime. We must provide better education, more job training and more jobs. We must vanquish the ills of racism and discrimination. We must continue to curtail teen pregnancy and fatherlessness and douse the raging flames of gang violence.

And while we must all denounce crime, white families and communities in particular must let lawbreakers know — it doesn’t matter whether they’re family or friends or not — that crime won’t be tolerated.

While it’s legitimate and right to point out economic, social and historical issues that hinder people’s advancement and demand change, the zeal for equality and justice must not blind us from confronting crime, whomever is committing it. If someone is being discriminated against or is unemployed or impoverished, we need to find ways to help; but we must not use their circumstances to try to justify criminal acts.

It’s time to say enough is enough. We must find ways to keep people from committing crime and going into our jails and prisons. Many people are trying to find answers, but the first line of defense should be at home.

But for many, that line of defense is broken or never existed.


Excerpted and edited from the original article by Warren Bolton of
The State, A South Carolina Newspaper


  1. Hey Deb. Great parody! It would have been even more ridiculous to say "brown-haired people" or "blue eyed people".

  2. Actually you raise a good point- white on white crime is out of control- What's the solution?

  3. I agree with you sista deborahgirl.
    The white-on-white crime epidemic is completely outta control!
    Where are all the "white activist" to speak out PUBLICLY on these henious vicious acts of brutality?

    I'd like to know.

    Black Fist, Black Power, Black Nation!!!

  4. I think it's too easy to stereotype white criminals as violent murderers, but the most heinous of white-on-white crimes involve pedophilia.


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