Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Dear MSM

Dear Mainstream Media,

More fondly known as the MSM to those of us who have a love/hate relationship with you, at this point I would like to explain something.

Lately, the common buzz is that President Obama is currently feeling the rage of populist anger rising against him due to the American people's frustration at the economic crisis. Take, for instance, this gem of an article found on the Yahoo front page (pictured above, picture link goes to article) with the tag line: The president's TV event tonight is a chance to face growing public anger.

What you, the beloved/behated MSM fail to realize is that "the growing face of public anger" is not directed at President Obama. No, the bulk of their pisstivity is directed squarely at...well, You. And also the greedy bastards that make up Wall Street executives and speculators, but mostly our anger is directed at you, the MSM.

We realize that all media outlets in the US; television stations, radio stations, newspapers, cable providers are owned only by a grand total of 6 people, all rich republicans, with an industry to protect and propaganda to spin. However, those of us who were raised with the ideal of the Media being the Fourth Estate are very angry that you continue to bash President Obama over the head with all of former President Bush's failures.

It's very simple. Free yourselves from your totalitarian masters, stop looking so damn pretty, stop reading from the teleprompter and actually REPORT what the hell is going on and the real state of things.

We know that President Obama didn't insult the Special Olympics. We know that President Obama is not laughing at our misfortunes. We are on to the fact that you pick non-issues like this to focus on because for a man with literally a world of trouble at his feet and for only having been on the job two months he is doing a damn good job.

And he's doing it with you, the MSM, backbiting him at every turn, spreading the GOP message of "Obama's plans won't work" when honestly, NOTHING the GOP tried from War to well...hell anything, worked either. So, let's give the current President more than two months before we write him off as a failure, something the MSM still cannot allow itself to do in regards to former President Bush, despite the fact that the words "miserable failure" came to define his presidency.

The current economic crisis rides squarely on the shoulders of Dick Cheney, Karl Rove, George H. Bush, Sr and finally, George W. Bush for being the patsy that allowed it all to go down on his watch.

Blaming it all on President Obama after a couple of months in his new gig is stupid, we'll not even talk about unfair; but it does smack of the type of shallow reasoning that we would expect those in the national news spotlight NOT to exhibit.

So just know, we're not pissed at President Obama: MSM, we're pissed at you. For the spin, better known as misdirection, half-truths, utter fabrications and outright lies. For knowing that if your lips are moving you're more than likely only giving half the news that even a 30 second soundbite could actually cover. Knowing that I'll know more about the mother who had 8 children at once and that you'll give her the disgustingly hideous and disrespectful name Octomom, reducing her to something less than human - that I'll know more about the type of underwear Bruce's Willis' new Victoria Secret Model Wife wears - than I ever will about why we REALLY went to war, and exactly WHO knew about the economic crisis looming on the forefront and WHY there are people living in tent cities in America in the 21st Century and how on God's green Earth the MSM can possibly pin the 8 years of MASSIVE FAIL that was the George W. Bush administration of this country on the humble and hardworking shoulders of President Barack Obama who is working his ass off to fix the mess they created....

Seriously, MSM, get a clue - and once you do - report about it. Truthfully, honestly, insightfully.

Then maybe you'll realize that the American people aren't angry at Obama or You, but the people who got us into this mess in the first place.

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  1. Welcome back, very well said. Now when you have time..

    I'd be interested in hearing about the general lack of respect that folks have for the Obamas, both her and him..."trash" and "bitch" don't think I've ever heard those words applied to a first family before...especially by alleged Christians...

    ya think?


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