Monday, March 16, 2009

Get on BOARD!

When I'm not posting here at DebLite I'm usually busy posting my opinions on the Internet somewhere. Usually at Huffington Post or at TruthDig.

The other day I'm reading Truthdig and someone basically calls Obama's plan for the economy a wash before it even gets started.

Housing bubbles,hi-tech bubbles—have failed us. Yes, there were highs but also devastating lows. So what else for our economy? Obama’s rule of 3: energy,education, health care. Really, they don’t seem like economy-makers. Nor do the Wall Streeters who click on mice,flip papers and sell illusions through fraud.
And finally this was the comment that got my goat enough to do a bonafide post again. Because it seems to me Obama has a plan. Everyone may not like it, I really don't give a damn. It's a PLAN. Just like for the last 8 years the GOP had a plan. And we worked their plan. And it didn't effing work!

War - which in every other era has actually boosted the American economy - well not this time. The three front war - War In Iraq, War in Afghanistan and War on Terror - has cost us time, money, resources, and countless lives and limbs.

Cutting taxes - hasn't helped a damn thing. Trickle down ecoconmics (fuck you Ronnie Reagan, dead or alive) doesn't help ANYONE. When rich people get tax breaks they do not spread the wealth around. Anymore than the banks who have gotten bail out money are actually distributing that money back into the American economy. They're hoarding it for themselves.

My point of view in response to this guy:

Obama’s Rule of 3 seems like a much better option than throwing money to people who seem determined to waste it. For instance Health care: Health care doesn’t just create a demand for doctors, nurses, health aides- but it also spans to medical supplies, medicines, research and even down to clerical, janitorial, giftshop workers - volunteer opportunities- tell me, when’s the last time you heard of a candy striper in a hospital?

Wall Street and corporate America give us the same answer. Give us the money. We promise, we know best what to do with it. And then they line their own pockets, the pockets of their cronies, redecorate their offices, hop on the corporate jet and continue their champagne lifestyle.

Meanwhile the reality is, CitiGroup is making my family jump through crazy hoops, if they approve us at all, just to add another two grand to a loan I already have w/ them (and have paid down substantially) so I can get a new car to replace a 17 year old car that recently died never to recover. And we need the second car so we don’t overtax the 11 year old NEWER car we have trying to get back and forth to work and other family needs.

Is this fair? Especially considering they were given money from the American people with the mandate - use this money to help the American people.

Well hell, I am the American people. And if you think the banks or [Citi] or anyone is trying to give John & Jane Doe money for housing, transportation, food, I’m talking BASIC needs here folks - you’ve got another think coming.

Wall Street is a bottomless pit. Help the people who really need the jobs and who REALLY make the economy work. As far as I can see, Obama’s plan to create jobs by solving problems we already have is the best of both worlds if people just get over the fact that yes, damnit, he’s black already! His plan is the awesome and it’s the best we’ve got. WORK WITH HIM, not against him as the GOP is determined to do.

If you haven't already, get on the Obama train. Or you can choose the GOP route. Work against him and work against the best interest of the entire country just cuz the President is black and a Democrat.

What the hell sense does that make?

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