Thursday, December 22, 2011

You Gotta Fight the Powers That Be: For $40

It was the ultimate freestyle battle in The Shelter aka Washington D.C.

Papa Doc aka John Boehner came hard with his rendition of "I Got 99 Problems But $40 Ain't One." B-Rabbit aka Barack Obama, came back even harder with his "Hashtag This $40 Muthafucka."

The crowd went wild. Every day Americans chimed in with B-Rabbit causing Boehner and his Republican crew to choke. B-Rabbit walked back across 8-Mile, safe, if only for this one night.

This shit is gettin real dawg. I know. I don't normally talk to ya'll like this but some shizz is just too deep for proper grammar.

We already know: Ain't no such thing as halfway crooks and the Republicans are all in. Think I'm lying? Dig this: We just fought the Republicans for $40 dollars, man. $40! Like a pimp trying to to get that last bit of cash out his bottom ho's shoe - the $40 she was probably saving up to buy his punk ass a Christmas gift so she could spend one day without getting pimp-slapped anyhow.

Republicans are determined to wring that "average $40" out of our hands because to them $40 just isn't much money. They have no idea that for the Real Americans they're always talking about, in the economy climate THEY have destroyed, $40 can be the difference between eating, making it to work, taking your kids to the doctor or just plain having a tiny bit of extra cash on hand.

The American People - we give and we give and our government takes and takes. Hell, we aren't even asking for much. And the little bit we do want, the Republicans don't want us to have. Somewhere, somebody on Wall Street is laughing at the idea that $40 can mean so much to so many.

We are being pimped by the 1%. This shows they will fight us for every nickel and dime out of our paychecks. NO amount is to small for them to take - any amount is too much for them to give.

When they take it, it's taxes or bailouts. But when we need foodstamps or college loans or hell, even unemployment that WE EFFING PAY FOR - it's a handout.

They try to embarass us and make us feel small for just existing, being human, and expecting to get back any of what we pay out in taxes - income taxes, payroll taxes or otherwise.

A great man once said - Don't Believe The Hype. I believe he had a clock around his neck when he said it. A sharp reminder that we should all know what time it is by now. It's time we fought back for our $40 and then some.

It's time we realized what is at stake and stop believing that the Republican Party is anything but a bunch of grasping liars who have two goals. To see Barack Obama fail as President and to grab as much of our money as they can.

They will go down swinging for that last $40. Will we?

If Barack Obama is the President he promised he would be, it'll be a fight we can jump in and help him out with so he'll remember who's ass to kick.

Because the flip side of this is that Barack Obama can't pretend now that he doesn't have a way to connect with every day American People. He has proven that through social media, he can hear what we have to say - and it shouldn't just be when he needs us to have his back.

He should listen when we need him to have ours. He could have been listening the last three years when people were telling him that the Republican Party was making good on their promise to be "The Party of 'No'." He could have been listening when we asked him to weigh in Occupy Wall Street. He should be listening to the voices that look at him askance for persecuting Bradley Manning and becoming the first president to sign indefinite detention into law.

Yeah man, this shit is real dawg. And it's not going away. Even this tax relief extension is only for two more months. We will be having this battle again, real soon

Having finally pushed the Republicans into a corner and made them back down, President Obama needs to continue this push - so that people believe that it's not only Candidate Obama who will talk about fighting for them, but that President Obama will actually do it.


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