Wednesday, December 14, 2011

You're Welcome George Stephanopolous

George Stephanopolous is replacing Christiane Amanpour on ABC's This Week.I swear, someone at ABC is reading DebLite.

Insane I know, but dig this:

It was only yesterday, nearly 24 hours ago to this minute, that I wrote a post that was born out of my reluctant pity for George Stephanopolous. I'm not a fan, but it was hard to watch a man who used to be a White House Press Secretary shilling tripe on ABC's Good Morning America like "Do Celebrity Men Have a Type".

It was degrading, disheartening and to me, a sign of the media times. If they can take this august personage and make them dance like a monkey on a string, then how bad are things really in this country? If the morning "news" isn't news and even the likes of George Stephanopolous are reduced to "Do Celebrity Men Have a Type" type garbage then our media is so beyond redemption that yesterday, I'd lost all hope.

Again, someone must be reading DebLite or someone else, just like I did, saw that glimmer of pain in George's eyes. Has this been coming for a while, or did someone finally decide they'd made George dance on the end of the stick long enough?

My mother's comments: "You can tell he hasn't been happy for a while. And [GMA] used to sneak some news in now and then but it's really just become a dog and pony show. He deserves better."

I emailed yesterday's article to a couple of people, who I know, in their turn, may have forwarded it to some other people. I can't help but wonder if this minor bit of moving isn't my Pelican Brief moment minus getting hunted down by the FBI. If I'm right, this one should come with a thank you basket. Yes, I know, delusions of grandeur . . . but it is a hell of a coincidence that this should come the day after I wrote that post and emailed it to some folks that I know could pass it on.

You're welcome Mr. Stephanopolous. I'm not much for caviar, but an exotic fruit basket would do nicely.

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