Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Bob Strait, Nancy Strait, Trayvon Martin - May they all get the justice they deserve and Rest in Peace

In the days after the murder of Trayvon Martin, people waited to see if President Obama would make a comment.

And when he did, he said what was true of anyone who has seen a picture of Trayvon Martin; the boy looked a lot like him and, had Barack Obama had a son, well, that son might have looked something like Trayvon Martin.

Leave it to a bunch of racists to take this bittersweet and thoughtful comment and turn it into a case for their bigotry and hatred.

Tyrone Woodfork is a young black man who killed two white retirees. He beat them to death in a senseless crime so hideous that had it been a mere few decades ago, he wouldn't be alive to tell the tale, he'd have been lynched by now.

But since white folks can't lynch Tyrone Woodford, they're going to go after the President instead.

There's a story going around racist, conservative sites, that "Blacks Can Murder Whites, and It Won't Make the National News." They even go on to call Tyrone Woodfork "Obama's son". Hell there's even a YouTube video with the title "Obama's Son" and they don't mean Trayvon Martin either.

Two people died in a murder so heinous that I can only hope they lock up whoever who did it an throw away the key. And yet this conservative white trash has no problem using the murder of two innocent people to further their racist aims and score political points against President Obama.

But since this will have to be spelled out for some of you, let me explain why the murder of Trayvon Martin and the murder of Bob and Nancy strait are nowhere near the same.

When Bob and Nancy strait were killed their murder was locked up.Immediately.

"Police have arrested 20-year-old Tyrone Dale David Woodfork in connection with the case"

It took black people all over this country speaking out and marching to even have George Zimmerman's "stand your ground claims" investigated, let alone for him to be arrested. Days, weeks, months after he killed Trayvon Martin, people were asking, "Why Hasn't Zimmerman been arrested."

Trayvon Martin was killed in February of 2012. He was not arrested until two months later in April of 2012. Most major news networks questioned whether it was even necessary and speculated that Zimmerman, despite multiple witnesses, a 911 recording and Trayvon Martin's dead body, was more than likely innocent of murder and must have acted in self-defense.

I don't think you'll find a single member of the media who will attempt to defend Tyrone Woodford's indefensible crime.

Even now, George Zimmerman, only sits in jail on a technicality. The judge is upset that the George Zimmerman and his wife didn't disclose a pay pal account that everybody and their grandmother who's ever been on the Internet has known about for months; since the day the website soliciting donations first went up and Zimmerman's  started contributing to Zimmerman's "defense fund".

White people are actually donating money to Zimmerman's defense in klling a young black child.

I think you'd be hard put to find a single black person outside of Tyrone Woodford's family, donating a dime to his defense.

Bob and Nancy Strait did not deserve what happened to them. They deserved to live out their retirement in peace. And evil crossed their path. But that evil has been locked away in jail and will never, please God, ever be free. They do not deserve to have their corpses further dragged out for public display in the fight to defend white racism.

Trayvon Martin did not deserve what happened to him. He deserved to grow up and live and love and change and maybe even live to ripe old retirement age. He did not deserve to have his memory disparaged and the follies of typical American youth trotted out on display as some sort of twisted proof of "thuggery". Evil crossed his path.

But George Zimmerman more than likely will go free.

No two cases could be more different. Contrary to what is being said, the murder of the Straits did make every national news site that I can see and the link on this page goes to an international news site. That their deaths have not become the cause that Trayvon's murder did is because their killer was immediately jailed.That's why George Zimmerman made national news. Because he killed someone and was not arrested. That he was white speaks volumes as to why.

Black or white, it is not justice for someone not to be punished for murder.

Bob Strait, Nancy Strait, Trayvon Martin - May they all get the justice they deserve and Rest in Peace.

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