Thursday, June 14, 2012

Republican Governors: Economy really is "fine". Just give us credit, not President Obama

I just saw an exchange on CBS This Morning that really set my teeth on edge. I remember now why nobody ever watches them but I've made an effort to tune into them now and again ever sense this post.

Much has been made over President Obama's supposed "gaffe" in saying that the private sector economy was "fine". Republicans everywhere shook their heads in mock pity & sad disbelief. See how "out of touch" Obama is? He thinks the economy is just fine. Oh how could the President think things are just fine? It's the moment we've been waiting for. You see, Obama thinks things are "just fine".

Mitt Romney, ever eager to please, jumped on the bandwagon with a brand new campaign ad. He's been running around the country, even my home city yesterday, parroting the latest of what he thinks everyone wants to hear in his nonstop attempt to bolster the Republican efforts to never give President Obama credit for anything.

Republicans gave up trying to outright embarrass President Obama just after the 2012 campaign began in earnest. Oh, you may get the occasional Republican to say something off-color and off message but they are quickly shushed these days. Republicans are dense as hell, but they've almost finally caught onto the fact that blatant and dogwhistle racism makes them look bad, not the President. Especially as he never really responded except for that first year where he kind of got sick of it and in his cool as Calvin Coolidge way responded with the most frustration I've ever seen from this president: "They talk about me like a dog." And then he got over it and went back to being President.

Nope, Republicans know they can never quite make President Obama look bad. Obama is no Randy Pants Clinton or Just Plain Dumb George Bush, Jr..Obama is too smooth and disciplined to ever really be caught off his game.

So as it turns out, "gloom and doom" Romney focusing on how awful the economy is, isn't making Obama look bad. It's making all of the American governors look bad, particularly the Republican ones.

Like I said, Republicans are dense as hell, but even the die-hard Obama haters figured out - well if the economy is so bad, then President Obama must not just be doing a bad job, but the governor of my state must be a doing a lousy job too. And if your governor is a Republican, as most of them are these days....well that might just put them out of a job, right?

So, the pretty anchor, ever so conciliatory to helping Republicans get their message out, asked: So, what should Mitt Romney be saying? What she couldn't say but was obvious: Well how does Mitt Romney explain a better economy without giving President Obama the credit? I mean if the economy is better, how do we blame President Obama for it being bad?

The Republican shill barely held back a wink and smile as he replied.  Mitt Romney should not be spreading gloom and doom. or touting the low employment rate in each state. He should also give credit where credit is due: To the Republican governors and their policies.

Unsaid was, whatever you do, don't say President Obama got the economy going again. Whatever you do, don't give him credit for turning the country around and doing his job. Whatever you do, make sure Republicans get the credit even though they have been the "Party of No" and  obstruction and that their one goal was to "make sure Obama was a one-term President". They never had any intention of doing anything to help the country.

And so, the pretty anchor wondered, how will Mitt Romney ever get the message.

And again, Republican shill guy, barely held back a wink and a smile as he replied that he was sure Romney just had.

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