Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Obi Wan - You are my final hope.

So, Scott Walker won last night.

At this point my only hope is that there's an alternate universe out there in galaxy far, far away. I am sick of white hatred.

White people's hatred, ignorance and bigotry elected  Scott Walker, John Kasich,  and Rick Scott to the governorships of Wisconsin, Ohio and Florida respectively.

White people's hatred is keeping them there.

And now people are finding that it's not so easy to dig out evil once it takes root. Because make no mistake: what Scott Walker, John Kasich and Rick Scott - and yes Mitt Romney - want for this country is nothing short of evil.

It is always evil to make people beg, scramble and fight for basic rights and human dignity. And that is what they wish. To make sure that any right you have is easily negotiable and granted only at the benevolence of "your betters": rich people, corporations and anyone who happens to stumble into a public office.

And we will be kept in line by the police - all pretense of civil liberties exactly that.

There is no necessary evil. We are either a free society are we are not.

America has never truly been free.

It's going to be a long time before we are.

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