Monday, January 04, 2010

Might as well be me

Every now and again you read something in the news and you've gotta be kidding.

OK. It's bad enough that Dizzy Ghizzy slid her way onto Cincinnati City Council, there to remain like an aunt that's worn out her welcome but you just can't quite get rid of. But, please, Dear God, someone tell me that this article saying Leslie Ghiz is throwing her frilly bonnet into the ring for County Commissioner is just me waking from a nightmare. Not to mention she's endorsed by Si "Legree" Leis of all the god-forsaken people. I just don't want to believe that bullshit like this can really fly, let alone stick.

Unfortunately the sickening thud in my stomach is already telling me it's real.

I have a relative...a distant relative...who, despite all outward appearances of being dumber than a box of rocks, has attained a B.A. and is currently working on a Master's degree. And it was this, despite all other encouragement I'd received that prompted me to go back to school because, if this person could graduate from college then I knew I could.

I feel the same way about Leslie Ghiz. Dear God. If this dimwitted babelfish can run for public office and WIN then I've got day. Not any time soon. Maybe in the next 5, 10, 15 years...but I've got to...I don't care if it's dog catcher...someone has to counter the Dizzy Ghizzy's of the world.

Might as well be me.


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