Monday, January 11, 2010

Never Give Up

Sometimes I go weeks without a post and then other times, there's just not enough time to post it all.

First - the passing of Miep Gies who has been one of my personal heroes since I first read the "Diary of Anne Frank" back in grade school. Every girl needs a Miep in her life...someone to shed light in the darkest places and spread hope. Miep's humor and steadiness shine through Anne's teen angst and the world is just a shade greyer without Miep Gies in it.

Second - in the no one could make this up if they tried column of events, this BBC headline made even my jaded eyes pop open with the level of gall FOX News will descend into and this takes the cake: Sarah Palin signs on as a commentator with FOX News.

What, Rove wasn't enough? Makes me wonder how the good people, like Miep Gies, can even survive to 100 in a world full of Palins and FOX News propaganda.

There's a lesson in these two very different keep fighting in the face of overwhelming odds. To never give up. That ideals are worth fighting for....

It's just very hard, sometimes, to see the forest for the trees.


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