Sunday, July 18, 2010

Boehner, You Orange Inglorious B******

And so, I'm not the only one who's sick of John Boehner's bullshit. It seems the idea of him becoming Speaker of the House is so effing distasteful that some folks are sponsoring a billboard out in West Chester to point out that he's spending more time drinking and playing golf than he is doing whatever the hell he's supposed to be doing as a Congressperson.

So my promise is this: Once the billboard goes up, I will make a daily pilgramage to the billboard and do a dance under the sign for as long as it stays up.

Yep, I hate this Inglorious B****** that much.

This is one promise I intend to keep.


  1. Respectfully disagree with your political opinion of our future speaker. Your guy seems to be doing quite a lot of the nation's business on the links. Do you really want to rip Boehner for doing the same thing?

  2. OK. "My guy" = President.

    "Your guy" = Congressman

    But if you want to compare Obama to "Bush" which would be the equivalent, then hell yeah, let's go there. Because between Bush's golfing vacations, clearing brush down on the ranch, overall vacation time and those last "let's get 'em in while I'm still President" junkets, Bush spent less time being President the entire FOUR years than Obama has in less than TWO.

    As for Boehner, that man is a disgrace to Ohio and I hope the only way he's "our future speaker" is you've invited him to speak at a luncheon you're hosting. Just make sure he arrives sober. And by all means, please invite me. I'd love to give that bugger a piece of my mind.

    So yeah. Just give me an opportunity and I'll gladly rip Boehner or any of the "Party of No" Congressmen a new one any day of the week.


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