Thursday, July 22, 2010

Dear President Obama: You Do Not Stand Alone

Dear President Obama,

So, yesterday was not such a good day. The GOP rallied up their troops over at FOX, they got some underdog soldier named Breitbart to fire a volley, that unfortunately, would have fallen well short of your castle walls, had all your frontline soldiers not blinked and scattered.

And I see you...this solitary figure....standing up on top of the castle, watching the volley fall well short of the castle, but all the figures in front of you, running, scattering, fearful...and for an instant you can't help but wonder: Is this all I have to work with?

The answer is no. Just turn around for one instant and you'll see. The rest of us are behind you. In great numbers. Many of us just waiting to push forward, defend and shore up the scattered troops in front.

Make no mistake, this is a battle. Use us. We are here. To fight the good fight, to blog, to talk, to counter and if necessary, burn FOX News to the ground.

But you have to stand with us. And you cannot blink. You have to believe that we won't fall for GOP nonsense. You must believe that the liberal cause is a good one. And you can't keep charting this middle of the road course because sir, everyone knows, the middle of the road is where you get run over by both sides.

But the left side of the road, is ready, willing and waiting for you to lead - and we will march - but you have to be willing to say the word - That the Tea Party has long passed it's 15 minute expiration date. That Van Jones and Shirley Sherrod didn't deserve what they got. That ACORN will be rebuilt and refunded.

That you can no longer be made to be ashamed of being black and President.

No more blinking sir. And know that we're behind you. We voted for you and make no mistake - we will kick ass for you.

Just say the word.

You do not stand alone.


  1. Dang, Deb!!! You have some Black Panther in you! Well written, my sista, well written indeed.

  2. I stand with my president. Lead man, lead!


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