Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Fuck You Drew Curtis

Got banned from FARK today for pointing out that a lot of white people on FARK are racists. Mainly because their site members posted typically racist ass pictures in one of their Photoshop contests.

White people on FARK are allowed to post anything they want about black people whatsoever short of the N" word which doesn't get them banned, it's merely filtered.

People who point out that this policy is racist get banned. Drew Curtis, like most unenlightened white people, couldn't care less. He's a cowardly racist & misogynist who, like Seth McFarlane of Family Game fame, thinks rape jokes are funny.

So, a big FUCK YOU to Drew Curtis of Fark and second FUCK YOU in general to Seth McFarlane.

It never ceases to amaze me how white people reward their own for being racist and anti-woman.


  1. This place was started as a "fuck you" to Drew Curtis in response to the shadow bans that started many years ago.

  2. -- you won't be banned and you can slap down any racists as much as you like!

  3. Please note that not all white people are like these bozos. Dumb is dumb no matter what skin color a person has and those who show their ignorance and seem to celebrate it are the ones who prove this. What would we all look like to a more intelligent race? How sad that there are examples of dumb we'd have to show as part of our lives.


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