Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Burn FOX to the Ground

Before I get to the fact that worthless FOX News needs to be reduced to ashes, I'm going to deal with my own first.

How many other black folks has Obama "distanced" himself from, wrongly, in order to save face?

How many more black people or organizations is Barack Obama willing to allow the right wing machine to destroy "for the greater good"?

How long until we burn the FOX News building to the ground?

If you're not hip, to what happened in the latest fiasco where FOX is spinning the narrative that "black people are more racist than white people" and how the Obama White House fell for it, hook, line and sinker, check it out here.

Our former Commander in Chief said it less eloquently. "Fool me once, shame on you? Me? Fool me once....can't get fooled again."

I'm going to put this smack dab in the lap of whoever is handling Obama's press and right now, they're going it about the wrong way and they look like punks.

From Rev. Wright, to Van Jones, to ACORN and now Shirley Sherrod, Obama is showing that he's willing to cut loose anbody and anything that looks like a "brown people" problem. He may alienate his supposedly "independent" white voters by their disillusion at his not being a magic negro, but the pereception of his black voters is going to quickly become that Obama doesn't want any problems with black folks. We are to stay in line as long he's president and if we don't, he'll drop us like a bad habit.

This too much mirrors the GOP and their "problem" with Michael Steele, and is too close to the Tea Baggers who want anyone that's not white to either get out of the country or "stay in their place". If Obama thinks black folks are going to vote for him by default, he needs to look at what happened to Ken Blackwell in Ohio when he ran for governor.

Obama got punk'd on this one, but he's been fooled too many times now and it makes for a sad view of our commander in chief, huddled in the oval office afraid of being associated with black people. I hate to break it to you Mr. President. You're black. You checked the box on your census already. Deal with it. If Bush can tell Brownie he was doing a "heckuva job", then you can put Shirley Sherrod back on the payroll. That would be a good start. Just admit the mistake AND WHY! It will be a healthy way to talk about race, just quit dodging it already and put it out there. Remember how you handled things at the GOP swap meet in Boston? Hell yeah. Bring out that guy again. We NEED that guy.

All that being said, I'm sick of FOX News controlling the narrative and honestly, I'm ready to head to New York and burn that sucka down. If you really want to start the revolution, it's time to get out in front of that damn building and flush those bastards out. Briebart, O'Reilly, Beck, Hannity and all the rest. Hang the bastards in effigy and keep up the pressure until they recant this bullshit publicly. I want 'em screaming uncle and I want them all fired. Forget going after their sponsors, I want to seem them out of a job. Period.

We need to put the Radical back in front of Left and make these people afraid again. Don't Tread On US.

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  1. Then head off to blackplanet and join the members doing the exact same thing with images of white people.

    To you, everything white people do is racist. Even if it's in public and they're just trying to have a friendly conversation. Pull the stick out your ass.


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