Saturday, September 10, 2011

American Slavery 2011

A lot of people seem to be having raptures of cute kittens, rainbows and orgasms over President Obamas "Jobs Plan" bill proposal speech.

Me? Not so much.

It's just too much too little too late. I'm tired of the Republicans playing Lucy with the football over every single thing the President has expected to accomplish. For three years we've watched this.
President Obama: Tell me your ideas (Hey, let's play nicely together)
Republicans: Here are our ideas. (Come kick this football.)
President Obama: OK. Let's do that and let me add...
Republicans: No, you can't add anything. (Hurry up, we're holding the football.)
President Obama: That's ok. I'm gonna kick the football. Don't pull it away or anything.
Republicans: We won't. We promise. We don't even care that you're black. We swear.
Republicans: Next time we won't pull it away.
President Obama: OK. Tell me your ideas.

And the President, I'm pretty sure like the rest of us, is infinitely sick of this crap. Because while the Republicans are making him fight every single tiny battle over things that should be routine, lots of things are being ignored. Like say, Jobs, Education, Healthcare and the Infrastructure.

Oh, we can attend to War like a mofo, but everything else? Eh, too much effort.

So now, everyone's acting like Obama has done some masterful planning and backed the Republicans into some ideological corner where they have NO CHOICE but to hold onto the damned football.

The problem is, the Republicans have no ideology that doesn't end in them holding all the power, money and resources and everyone else who is not in their monied, well-connected crowd as either useful pawns or outright slaves.

We're born. We live. We die. This is a fact.

How you do this and how well, how comfortably, how much you learn, live, grow and your circumstances when you shuffle off this mortal coil are all things Republicans want to control.

Every minute, every day of your life.

Mind you, they'd prefer you remained ignorant, under their control and that they have the very power of your life and death.

How you have sex. Who you have sex with. When you have sex. Who you marry. Whether you are forced to bear children.

How you raise your children. Making sure they are taught lies and given just enough education to make them "productive citizens" (read useful slaves) but not enough to give them true autonomny or challenge their masters.

Denying access to Civil Liberties, Jobs and Healthcare if you don't have enough money to pay for the "right" to these necessities. Your access to them all is based on your ability to cough up cash or knowing the right people.

How you live once you are too old to work. How you can give your time, effort, energy and entire life to being a "productive citizen" and be tossed aside like so much garbage when you are too old to produce for the Republican machine.

We're going backwards not forwards. We're moving towards slavery not away from it.

White people, you are right to be afraid. But not of the blacks and foreigners you are trained to fear. You need to look at the Boehners and Becks, Roves and Romneys, Perry's and Palins. You need to stop trusting their smiles and their lies. You will not be left out of the slavery pool this time around.

Think I'm fearmongering or prone to hyperbole? Think I'm fearmongering. Then think of this:

America has a history of allowing rich whites to kill with impunity though. No wonder we hear the words "states rights" pop up again and again.

Republicans keep harping on the word "Deregulation" again and again. "Deregulation is necessary for jobs because enforcing rules somehow forces employers to take jobs overseas. And after all, most of the regulations are just some liberal notion that makes it harder for businesses to operate.

The only thing "Deregulation" does is make it easier for corporations to kill you.

When Republicans argue for "deregulation" of course they are actually arguing for rules that make it ok for corporations - which are supposed to be people - to be able to commit murder and suffer no consequences. By that logic, anyone can make themselves a corporation, then kill whoever they wanted. Except if I killed 40 people, you'd call me a serial killer.

Repbulicans are making the case that deaths of 11 people who were killed by BP's negligence were justified. The 29 men who died in the Massey Mine collapse? Just the cost of doing business. It was necessary. There should be no question of anyone who owns or runs these companies being punished? Talk about death panels.

But hey, at least the news isn't all bad. In return for the right to kill, pollute, and demand unfailing obesiance from "productive citizens", they will make sure that some of their wealth "trickles down" to us. And if we're really lucky, they'll sprinkle a few jobs back in the Homeland.

And that brings us back to President Obama's Job Plan.

Sure guys, bring out the football.

No problem. I'm sure there's no way they can kick it away.

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