Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Experiment in Liberty is Over - It Failed

Just where, in this land, are we truly free?

Employers can demand your urine, your credit report and background checks that dig far deeper into your life than simply checking your job history.

We are on the verge of punishing people for the crime of being poor. We already punish the homeless. We have made it illegal to sleep, in public, during the day. We put armrests in the middle of park benches to discourage homeless people from reminding us that we are better off.

We demand that poor people prove that they are "deserving". That they are not drug users or that they are "really poor" not simply just "temporarily poor". We are on the verge of telling record numbers of unemployed people that the benefits they paid into are only available if they pull down their pants, pee and prove that they do not use drugs.

Employers, sports stadiums, amusement parks, and all government buildings have the right to subject you to a search of your person and for women, their purses.

Police officers have carte blanche to arrest, to maim, to kill - only their most egregious and lethal pursuits are investigated - usually with the officer getting off, being reassigned, or hired elsewhere. Police can stop you at anytime for any reason and demand that you prove you are a citizen of this country.

And the income desparity between rich and poor is becoming more and more pronounced. To the point where we believe that there is truly a "class war" in this country.

We are becoming conditioned to believe that to be "poor" is to be "lower class" and that to be "rich" is to be higher class.

In the country I grew up in, we were a nation of equals. Your income, gender, religion, color or nationality of origin did not matter.

And yet, we are perfectly willing to let the media convince us that there are "winners" and "losers" in a class war that doesn't exist.

There is simply what is fair and what is not fair. Either we take care of each other or we don't. Either we are pefectly willing to let some die and other live based on their ability to pay or we aren't. Either we believe that some children have a right to an education and others don't because they are from "lower class" families or we don't. We either believe that some people deserve special rights because they are white and rich or we don't.

There are ideals that move us closer to slavery or closer to freedom. There are ideals that move us closer to equality or closer to inequality.

The Experiment in Liberty has failed. We are no longer free. The question is whether we will do what it takes to regain our liberty.

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