Monday, September 19, 2011

Creating Businesses Jobs

One way to help with the jobs crisis:

Fully fund every Small Business Administration in this country and help Americans start businesses for themselves

First: Hire more people to run and administrate the expanded SBA.These people should be trained tor recognize or already know how to select business ideas that have potential. However all ideas should be considered. Any idea that comes down the pike from home businesses to ideas that can become brick and mortar businesses.

Undeveloped ideas can be sent through development classes that last one year, maybe longer. Ideas that are closer to "shovel ready" can be fast tracked for funding (grants NOT loans). These businesses can be mentored through the SBA for six months to create a business plan.

After that, give these folks the seed money to start their business and get other people hired! Provide them with mentors from startup to creation and even on through the first one to five years until they're ready to stand on their own two feet.

THAT's how you put America back to work. But begging coprorations for jobs they have no intention of creating while there's a black man in the White House is just plain dumbs.

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