Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Republicans Against Refrigeration for the Poor

I've figured it out. Republicans are upset because far too many poor people have refrigerators. Check out these videos where Jon Stewart explains (snark) how poor people "are living like they just won a Showcase Showdown".

After the videos, check out this article where Scott Walter, the only American governor of a state dumber than John Kasich (OH) and Rick Scott (FL) who suggests that schools, namely teachers, don't need refrigerators at schools and that providing them is a luxury:

Longer Skirts and No Coffeemakers: How Gov. Scott Walker Wants WI School Boards to Save Money

So all that being said...

I think we can all agree that refrigerators are toys that "the poor" can do without. The poorer classes should never try to ape their betters, let alone attempt to pretend at moving beyond their station by having a refrigerator. This type of modern technology should be for those who can afford to buy a refrigerator outright and maybe not even then.

Refrigeration is the key way to tell if someone is either rich or living far beyond their means.The poorer classes should not be allowed to purchase a refrigerator on a payment plan or, heaven forbid, with a credit card. All refrigerators (and any other modern appliances or electronics such as coffee makers, television, VCR's, DVD players, computers, gaming systems, etc) should be removed from public housing, homeless shelters, halfway houses or foster homes, schools and any places where people are employed by the government immediately.

The poorer classes serve one purpose and one purpose only: To work for the rich. Molly-coddling poor people with modern technology, particularly refrigeration, is a waste of time and money and should be discouraged, if not forbidden, at every opportunity.

Republicans Against Refrigeration for the Poor

ThatDeborahGirl — 8/30/11 5:01pm

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