Saturday, March 30, 2013

Blah people, Wetbacks

I'll give you Rick Santorum on the blah people vs. black people thing. But now we've got US Representative Don Young, a Republican obviously, from Alaska (shades of Sarah Palin putting something in the water that turns white folks racist) calling people "Wetbacks" like that's the proper term for migrant farm workers.

And it's mighty white of him to offer the usual backhand apology that is so common to white parlance. He's sorry "if" he offended anyone. He didn't mean to "give offence".
“I know that this term is not used in the same way nowadays, and I meant no disrespect.” Rep. Don Young, R-AK, after saying some racistg ass bullshit, but not really apoligizing.
Just so you know, that's not an apology. That's absolute bullshit. That, "I know that this term is not used in the same way nowadays?"   Lol, do we really give a U.S. Representative "racist grandpa" privileges? And by the way, you need to talk to your damned racist grandpa and tell him to keep his fucking mouth shut because:
  • If you speak racist ideas and act out racist behaviors, you're a racist.
  • If you teach your children racist ideas and behaviors, you're a racist.
  • If you stay silent about blatant racism, you're a racist
 It's that damned simple.

If you really want some Lol's check out FOX News' page for Latinos! ¿Es caliente, no? Do they really expect folks to fall for this blatant pandering?

I could stop blogging about racism if the Republicans and conservative white folks around me didn't make it so damned easy.

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