Sunday, March 24, 2013

In Memory of Anne Frank

I sent the following letter to the Anne Frank Center USA. It won't do a bit of good, but oh well, I suppose it doesn't hurt anyone if I tilt at a windmill or two.
I was very touched to read about the Anne Frank Sapling project. It is such a beautiful idea that it left me breathless with emotion. You can only imagine my shock and horror when I found out that New York is one of the cities to receive a sapling.

The 11 U.S. locations, which also include a park memorializing 9-11 victims in New York City...

Winners were selected based on their commitment to equality, demonstration of the consequences of intolerance or historical significance to civil rights and social justice in the U.S., according to a news release from the center.

New York does not deserve a sapling based on a systemically murderous attitude towards people of color, shown and proven by New York's hideous "Stop and Frisk" policy. New York is committed to oppression, not equality. While suffering the tragedy of September 11, 2001 and placing a sapling at the 9/11 memorial seems to be a good idea, it is merely giving New York City a recognition it does not deserve.

New York is committed to making the lives of people of color miserable and has repeatedly justified their oppression of non-white people based on skin color and ethnic origin.

Mayor Bloomberg is more concerned about people drinking sugary soft drinks rather than stopping the blatant and unconstitutional discrimination. "Stop and Frisk" is an affront to human dignity. Profiling is an affront to human dignity. These practices lead to unfair arrest, detention and violent abuse by the police, condoned and encouraged by the city administration.

Minute-by-minute harassment, detention, violent abuse and murder should not be rewarded with a priceless gift symbolizing peace and social justice.

Based on your own criteria, New York should be immediately withdrawn as a city selected to receive a sapling in memory of the precious name and person of Anne Frank.

New York should receive a sapling only if Mayor Bloomberg and his administration commits to an immediate and unconditional stopping of it's "Stop and Frisk" policy and many other policies that condone the harassment of people of color. The Mayor and his administration should issue apologies to everyone affected, arrested, detained, harassed, beaten and killed at the hands of New York police due to blatant racial discrimination.

Then and only then will the city have planted a seed in which your sapling can flourish, in the environment in which you wish it thrive. History, humanity and a commitment to a future of freedom for all people demand no less.

I urge you to reconsider bestowing this gift to the City of New York as it wholly undeserved.


Deborah ************
Citizen of the United States

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