Thursday, March 07, 2013

Hell Has Frozen Over: I agree with Rand Paul

I started out this morning writing about the recent deaths of General Schwarzkopf, former American Surgeon General C. Everette Koop and Hugo Chavez. But I will post that tomorrow.

So Rand Paul staged a good old fashioned filibuster. Hell yeah. And he's fighting against something I actually believe in.

That's why it's snowing. Hell has truly frozen over, Rand Paul and I agree on something.

Barack Obama should feel good about this. Yes, he should. It's not good to have one of his nominations held up yet again. But the Republicans are back to talking about the issues again. Issues like the economy, unemployment, immigration and drones.

They're talking about issues they disagree with him about. Not just disagreeing with him because, "Hey, look at that black guy." But I think, for 13 hours last night, the Republicans finally saw that it's actually talking about something that the American people care about will get them all the attention they want.

Americans do not like drone warfare. Not here and, contrary to what the media tries to portray, we don't like it elsewhere either.

Drone warfare is cowardly and Orwellian. There's no two bones about it. Barack Obama has seemed to embrace it wholeheartedly and it's one of the few points in his Presidency where he's as terrifying as Republicans believe him to be. I've said before, if Barack Obama says he's going to get you, hide your kids and hide your wife, because you're as good as dead. Just ask Moamar Khadafi and Osama bin Laden if you don't believe me.

Barack Obama also dealt swiftly and fairly harshly with the Occupy Protestors as well. He says he wants to hear the voice of the American people, but for all that he lauded them in public, he worked with the Department of Homeland Security to have all the encampments shut down. And these were peaceful protests.

Last night, Rand Paul made Republicans seem like they may have decided to get a clue. And not because of their fake pandering on immigration and their vain attempts to appeal to "minorities."

But for once, they stood up for every day Americans. The right to privacy. The right not to be spied on. The right not to be killed.

The problem is, I'm not so sure that they actually care about these things - or if they just care that these powers are wielded by a black man.

My American side, wants to believe that they care about America. But the Republicans will have a long way to go before they gain my trust - or my belief that whatever they do is beyond a political stunt and a feeble power grab.

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