Monday, March 04, 2013

Horsemeat and Web Ads: Do Not Want

The horse meat scandal has me off beef at present. Despite all the reassurances that in the United States only American suppliers are providing beef for the likes of Ikea, Aldi, Taco Bell, Burger King and various frozen food suppliers, I just can't trust it. The final turn of the screw was the revelation that in some places, donkey meat has been disguised as beef. The idea that my last "beef" roast may have just been a donkey flank was entirely too much for me. I haven't touched a piece of beef since and I get ill at the very thought.

With the exception of Ikea, each one of those has been a place I frequent. And Ikea is a place I only recently and belatedly discovered. I was fascinated that in addition to furniture and housewares, they not only have a restaurant but nearly an entire grocery of Ikea selections, something I was planning on investigating in the near future. That probably will not be happening now.

So, my diet is now reduced to chicken, turkey and fish. My daughter is hoping this is the first step towards a Deborah that could be a vegetarian and I have to admit, she may be right. It's hard reading Suicide Food and looking my dog in the face, knowing that I eat other animals without much regret. I know that in some countries, my beloved doggie could be lunch as well as a pet and that it's my own cultural norms that make her a valued companion rather than a tasty meal, as disgusting as that idea may seem to me.

I know a lot of websites support themselves with web ads but this is annoying and makes every web page load at the speed of a constipated snail. I recently got a new laptop and a few days of Internet Explorer wantonly allowing everything on a page to load simultaneously, even conflicting videos, I quickly downloaded Mozilla Firefox. Although the browsing experience was better, I was still getting pages that refused to load because every web page these days isn't complete I suppose unless it has miles of Flash and tons of ads.

I would love to shake the hands of whoever invented Flashblock and Adblock. I'd like to take them to lunch and have their baby. The ease and speed of browsing the web are an immeasurable help to me. It also provides a much needed balm to the insult that is Windows 8.

Dear God, what were they thinking? There is nothing fun or amusing about the Tiles layer. It's merely an unwelcome, intrusive and annoying impediment to getting to the desktop.

Someone should make Bill Gates write on a chalkboard 100 times - My laptop or PC is not a cell phone or tablet and should  not run like one. They should also look up "gorilla arm" when it comes to trying to use a laptop or PC as a touchscreen computer.

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