Quarantine Dreams

My Quarantine dreams are vividly realistic. Sometimes they're about things I've never done nevertheless my dreams during this time contain a level of detail that is startling.

I have never ridden a tractor in my life. But today I dreamed I was riding a tractor through a burnished wheat field. I could feel the wheat brush my legs and see the chaff flying through the air. I could smell the scent of the cut wheat.

That's another thing that's new. Smell in my dreams. Just like I've never been on a tractor, I'm fairly certain I've never been in a wheat field. Driven past many but actually been in one? I don't think so.

How would I even know what wheat being cut smells like. But in my dream, I knew.

I dreamed of swimming. I dreamed of talking with people at a party. I could smell their perfume and cologne and the scent of the hors d'oeuvres on the tray.

Maybe I'll start keeping a dream log. These dreams are so different from my normal dreams. I feel they're trying to tell me something.


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