The Phrase That Pays

Let's talk about that sentence today: I am not a racist.

Boy howdy, is that a loaded phrase. More than likely if some white person had been reduced to uttering this sentence it's because they have said or done something so racist that the only thing they can do is pathetically assure everyone that what they said and did is an aberration, but no one should possibly believe that's who they really are.

So many people aren't racist until they are. They go through life believing their own theory of not being racist until that theory is tested and they fail that test miserably.

Being perfectly willing to use the tools of white supremacy when they suit you is racist ass hell. Pretending that you don't know those tools exist is racist as hell. Actually using those tools makes you a Klan Member even if you never sign up or wear the robes.

Getting caught using those tools on video and facing the consequences of those actions: Priceless.


  1. So tired of the crying when they face the consequences of their actions. Wahhh!

  2. This woman lost ANY right to claim she's not a racist when she told him, with a smirk and glee in her voice, that she was going to call the cops and tell them an African-American man was threatening her. Right at that moment, I wanted to slap that stupid bitch into next week.


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