Wednesday, May 06, 2020

Social Distancing

There was a girl I knew back in elementary school
She was a year or two ahead of me
Always pretty and smart
We were never quite friends
But we were definitely never enemies
She was the older girl I admired
And I was that kid
Her teacher's kid
You know how it is
She advertised that she was making face masks online
And I contacted her
And she delivered them to my house today
And we stood there social distancing
Hugs implied
While my little boy ran outside in his bare feet
Still not quite understanding
The need for distance
And I took the masks
And all the years that lay between us
And I said
It's so Good to see you
And she said
I wish it were under better circumstances
And I said yeah, that's true
But in that moment
All the old school ties
Still held and bound
And then she got in her car
And drove away
And I took my little boy back in the house
To try on his new mask

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