Monday, January 31, 2011

Another Reason to Stop Watching Fox News

OK. Once upon a time I suggested that we burn FOX News to the ground.

In light in the recent shooting episode in Arizona, I said we should tone down violent rhetoric and my good friend over at City Kin pointed out my violent rhetoric towards FOX.

I then pointed out that this was akin to saying slaves should have never wanted to revolt against their masters.

My point, which may have been rather vague was simply this: If someone is being a violent bully (or slave owner) - and their reactions result in dire harm or death to other people, sometimes violent action, may be warranted.

FOX is mainly guilty of outright lies. Now and again, those lies get innocent people shot and killed. But hey, I'm wrong for suggesting we burn such a place to the ground. I guess the person with the problem is me.

So anyway, in just the latest example of how FOX constantly and continuously makes shit up just because they can, here is their version of a middle east map showing where Egypt is:

And here is a real map showing the actual location of Egypt:

So what I'm also saying is: FOX has taken the route that if you repeat a lie often enough, it becomes reality. And I think they take it a bit too far when they can't even check Google maps or several dozen other geographical websites or a globe or a paper map to even accurately check where Egypt is.

This is not the kind of lie that gets people killed.

But this is:

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