Saturday, January 08, 2011

Kill, Baby, Kill

Ariz. Rep. Giffords in serious condition after Tucson shooting; eight others injured

I guess Palin can put a notch in her belt and cross one off her kill list and claim some collateral damage as well. I guess putting someone on a list with crosshairs doesn't really advocate killing if you're conservative. Kinda like shooting someone in the face and having to apologize - to the person who shot you.

I'm sure Sarah Palin will be getting a note of apology any day now from Congresswoman Giffords. I'm also sure Dr. George Tiller's family sent a note to O'Reilly, Limbaugh and Beck.

How long are we gonna tolerate the GOP and their kill lists. Wasn't it just earlier this week that Tucker Carlson called for the execution of Michael Vick. And back to Sarah Palin: didn't she cheerlead for someone to kill Julian Assange?

It's not enough to opress, steal, lie - no, they must add murder to their list of crimes. Yeah, I know many people will jump on the "it's not her fault bandwagon" but supposedly Manson never killed anyone and he still got put away for life.

How can conservatives continue to incite murder and get away with it?


  1. But calling for folks to "Burn FOX [News] to the Ground" is just fine, huh?

    Nobody hardly ever dies from arson (sarcasm). You have more than a mote in your own eye.

  2. By your logic every slave on every plantation should have just been happy to be there until some white person came along and decided to free them.

    But by all means, they should never have been angry or revolted against their fate or the rhetoric that kept them enslaved.

    Yeah, so don't be angry at the liars or the lies they tell or the people that get killed because they tell them. No, by all means, let's show them all due defference because that's the true spirit of bipartisanship. *snark*

    Thanks but no thanks.


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