Thursday, January 27, 2011

What's Wrong With This Ohio Moms Picture?

Brenda Nesselroad-Slaby
An educator. Left her baby in a hot car. The baby died. Thanks to her connections with the local officials, was never even charged, let alone jailed.

Jodie Edwards
An educator, same as Nesselroad-Slaby. Also like Slaby, left her baby in a hot car to die. White woman. Forgive and forget.

Kelly Williams Bolar
Sent her kids to a school district where her father lived so they could get a better education than what was provided in her "community". Was charged with felony fraud, sentenced to 10 days in jail, is being forced to pay back over $30,000 in tuition. With a felony conviction, she can forget about her studies to become a teacher.


  1. wow. that is crazy. see this is proof that racism isn't "over" as they say. but no one want to argue about this or get mad. they want to stick their head in church and say "let God fix it" i think black folks are scared to get mad and speak up anymore. and they are "satisfied" that we have a black pres. and that is the end all to be all. As u see here, no it isnt. and this makes me angry. if black folk don't want to bring the fight to the problem, I will. it has to start somewhere.

  2. Separate and unequal is still the law of the land...and not at all covertly..


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