Tuesday, January 04, 2011

John Kasich shouldn't be governor anymore than I should be

So, I got a paycheck.

I worked 162 hours at $12 an hour which was $1900 and change. But I only got $1400 and change and I was pissed. $500 bucks in taxes? WTF? I made a copy of my paycheck and I was gonna send it to Obama himself like see what you’re doing to the American people. This shit ain’t fair.

I was pissed.

See my employer only pays on the 15 and 30 – and then they did this weird thing to clear their accounting books where they paid us through the end of the year so we get this big ass paycheck where we get yanked out the wazoo in taxes and the end result is that I got a lot less money than the hours I worked. $500 less.

And just when I was sitting down to write President Obama my pissed off letter with my copy of my paycheck, it dawned on me that the reason I have that paycheck is because I’m working a co-op.

And I have this co-op because I was able to go back to school three years due to government grants and loans. Student loans which I will eventually have to pay back, but which the government really didn’t have to lend me in the first place. I mean, yeah back when I was working I put money into the system through taxes….

Woah….so maybe the government gave me some money because I gave them some money. Well, not exactly gave, but still....

And maybe - just maybe - the $500 bucks they jacked from me in taxes is being invested in a road or a school or somebody elses student loans.

The same investment America made in me that I made in my government….

Let the circle

Be unbroken

In the sky Lord

In the sky


  1. Naw, they're going to spend your 500 bucks on a trolley for folks in Chris Bortz's new development at Calhoun & Vine. Why should executives have to be bothered with walking, driving or taking the bus, when they can ride in style on your dime?

  2. Well, the entire $500 bucks doesn't go to Cincinnati. And although I am against the streetcar line I'm sure there are other places where my meagre dollars get pooled with other folks dollars and somebody somewhere gets helped.

    I'm looking on the bright side today. Because believe me, that $500 is a small portion of what I've been given over the last 3 years. Once I realized that - I dunno - I just can't even be that mad at the streetcar. Sometimes we have to waste some money to learn things.

    There are a lot of people who would feel the tax dollars invested in me. I've made my life choices - not all of them good - and a lot of people would think I don't deserve even a student loan.

    I think what I'm saying is - you can never go wrong investing in the American people. Somewhere we lost that ideal and decided rich is best - let's invest in them. But they're not helping, they're hoarding. And we are going to have to fight to get them up off that cash and help the rest of us.

    It's what I'm doing and it's what they should do too.


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